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Xuzhou Jupeng machinery was founded in 1998, and have our own subsidiary company-Xuzhou Sam machinery with export right. Our company is located in Xuzhou city that is one of four Chinese construction machinery bases .Our products include XCMG,SHANTUI,ZOOMLIAN,XGMA,SDLD,CUMMINS,WEICHAI and other well-known domestic construction machinery and accessories. All this parts were exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania,South America and so on.
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Using foreign development procedures, mature technology, reliable and durable, strong mechanical power, economical and comfortable bench full load low fuel consumption, advanced testing equipment and strict testing means; products meet national standards, truly ensure product performance; and provide three packages of services, so that you have no worries.
Price advantage
The direct selling price of the manufacturer is preferential and has obvious advantage over the performance-price ratio of the same year;
Strictly control the cost of each process, reduce intermediate links and ensure profits;
It can customize products on demand, reduce the waste of original parts, and reduce the trouble and cost of purchasing.
Cooperative strength
The company has long been limited with Xugong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Xugong Technology Co., Xugong Road Machinery Construction Co., Ltd., Xugong Import and Export Co., Xugong Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd., Xugong Special Machinery, Xugong Hydraulic Parts Factory, Xugong Highway, Sany Heavy Industry, Zhonglian Heavy Section and China Heavy Vehicle Group. The company and other well-known enterprises cooperate. Ensure that the products are original spare parts.
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Professional service team responds to customer requests within 15 minutes and resolves customer needs within 24 hours.
Conduct in-depth research on customer needs, fully understand customer needs;
Provide one-stop solutions to help you solve problems anytime, anywhere.
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Engaged in 20 years of sales of complete machinery and spare parts for construction machinery
Xuzhou Jupeng Xutui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional and comprehensive company which integrates the whole machine, spare parts sales and maintenance, after-sale, production and processing of construction machinery. It was founded in 1998, and we established it. Xuzhou Sam Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional export company. Our company is located...
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Prevent the trouble of difficult starting and slow walking of excavator
For excavator maintenance master, winter is the most vulnerable season for excavator failure, excavator start weak, excavator fire difficult, fuel frozen, hydraulic excavator cold car action choke, loader cold car walking slowly... And so on, bring a lot of problems to the equipment, today our excavator maintenance master to share some experience and some views on excavator repair, provide a reference.
What problems should we pay attention to when replacing hydraulic oil for excavators?
Excavator replacement hydraulic oil is a common problem. The quality of hydraulic oil determines whether the excavator can operate normally. So it is very important to replace hydraulic oil in daily maintenance. So, when replacing hydraulic oil, what problems should we pay attention to?
Troubleshooting Method of Hydraulic Excavator
There are many types of excavators on the market, and the maintenance methods for each type are also different. Below is a list of excavator maintenance. Each action of the working device, rotary mechanism and walking mechanism of a excavator is slow and powerless, and hydraulic oil is emitted from the filling port of the transmission gear box. In view of the fact that all the above mechanisms are driven by hydraulic system, it is obvious that there is a fault in the hydraulic system.
Slow unilateral weakness of excavator
In the daily work of excavators, have you found that many times, it feels like the excavator did not wake up, the feeling of powerlessness, the following is a small series for you to answer the excavator slow and powerless fault performance, common causes of failure and failure inspection and maintenance methods.
Solution to Blacksmoke from Excavator and Unrefrigerated Air Conditioning
There will be many problems in the use of excavators, such as sudden black smoke from excavators, or uncooled excavators with high water temperature and air conditioning. These problems need to be investigated and solved one by one. They must not be left behind. This may also lead to more and more serious problems, but for excavators. Maintenance, we must be specific analysis of the specific situation, repair when the prescription.
Excavator Maintenance: Solution to Weak Failure of Excavator Components
Speaking of excavator maintenance, this is a very headache for many engineers. First, it is a waste of time. Second, it is very upset. So for many engineers, they will try their best to understand the knowledge of excavator maintenance. Here is a brief introduction of excavator maintenance. Examples of excavator failure maintenance.
Disposal Method of "Boiling" Error in Excavator Maintenance at High Temperature
The main reason for this phenomenon is that there are problems in the engine cooling system. For example, failure of water temperature sensors, radiators, pumps, fans and so on will cause the phenomenon of "boiling". Therefore, it is normal for excavators to "boiling" in winter. For this phenomenon, there may be many novices. Knowing the correct treatment, most of them adopt the wrong method to "cool down" the engine, leading to engine sticky cylinder, cylinder block burst, or scald accident caused by improper operation, the consequences are very serious.
Failure Analysis of Engine Speed Out of Control of Excavator
In excavator maintenance, a common problem is the engine speed out of control failure, commonly known as the "flying car" phenomenon. In the current excavator maintenance, the speed out of control situation is getting higher and higher, which will cause major accidents such as cylinder clutching and axle breaking of diesel engine.
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